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Designs of Ambiance, llc

Trudy Nickelson - Owner, Designer, Decorator


[email protected]

415 W. Saint Louis Street

Pacific, MO  63069

Desig​ns of Ambiance

Designs of Ambiance – we’re more than a Wedding, elopement & Event Planning company.  . We're passionate about making any event in your life, full of Ambiance, happiness and memories, customized to your individual needs. Whether it’s at our Event Center, your home, a public location or venue, we have the talent and passion to create a unique space just for you.

Look through our Website and find your needs addressed.  we're perfect for your small wedding or elopement.  You’re on your way to your event becoming an event to remember.

Somewhere over the Rainbow, Dreams Really Do Come True……

I’m Trudy Nickelson, Wedding & Event Designer, who is passionate about making your dreams come true! I’m a hopeless romantic who loves lacy things, roses and all things that create the right ambiance for love. Love isn’t just about the vows you make in your marriage, it’s about the other events that take place in your life. Perhaps it’s the baby or wedding shower, the graduation party, the 50th years of life celebration, the memorial service or bereavement luncheon, it’s about love throughout your life and the lives of your loved ones. I’m passionate about dreaming your dreams and making them come true.